Recruits 誠徵研究生




  • C/Java等程式語言
  • Arduino/Android等嵌入系統
  • 網路相關實測與分析
  • 閱讀論文;撰寫報告等


  • 上班時間待實驗室工作
  • 每週參與實驗室會議,依老師指示更新進度
  • 執行產學或研究計劃
  • 協助批改大學部課程作業與考卷


  • 每週固定運動時間,提供籃球等器材
  • 實驗室供應點心、飲料、及抒壓小物
  • 聚餐出遊

We are recruiting graduate students who expertise (or at least are interested in) Computer Networks. The scholarship is offered (the amount depends on each year's funding). We provide good working environment (e.g., personal computer, Wi-Fi, and OA, free drinks and snacks).

Being a member, you have to:

  • Attend the laboratory during office hour
  • Attend the weekly meeting and update the working process
  • Participate in research or development projects
  • do TA jobs (e.g., correcting homework and monitor exams)

You will learn:

  • Program Language, e.g., Java/C
  • Some useful DE, e.g., Android/Arduino
  • Theoretic Models of Wireless Networks, Resource Allocation and IoT
  • Writing Techniques of Thesis and Reports.